About Me

pyramidHello there, I’m Patrick. By day I’m a project surveyor with Harris Kocher and Smith Engineering, but here you can find some of my personal projects¬†and learn more about me.

I’m a Denver based techno-geek with a focus on all things geospatial and cartographic. I like to create maps, play with code in Python and Javascript, tinker with my Raspberry Pi, and ride scooters in the mountains.

mapporn-topo-sticker-mobile-1In my spare time I moderate the subreddit /r/MapPorn. This is a popular place for maps on the web. The subscriber count has recently crossed over 400,000 users. In addition, I created a popular monthly map contest on /r/MapPorn for users to submit and vote on original content. I also have a weekly contest on Twitter where users have to guess where a map or satellite image is located.

In the past few years I’ve taken up coding as a hobby. You can see my Github account here. I’m working on building my Python and Javascript skills to further my career in the geospatial industry.

I also like to participate in OpenStreetMap. I attended the 2018 State of the Map conference in Boulder, Colorado. I also attend occasional Map-a-thons to help map areas for humanitarian purposes. This is a fun way to do what I love and help people at the same time.

To find out more, contact me