Mount Etna: World’s Only Decipoint


Mount Etna: World’s Only Decipoint

This is a map that I made to illustrate a unique geographic feature on Mount Etna: a decipoint. This summit is the corner for ten administrative areas in Sicily. I first heard about it from reading a post by Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings.

The map uses a vibrant palette of colors to contrast the different districts that share the corner. The relief topography used SRTM data. Tanaka contour shading was applied the hills to give the illusion of shadows and depth. A monochrome gradient was used to make these features subtle and let the colorful districts take the foreground. Finally some contour lines were added through DEM analysis tools in QGIS.

The map was submitted to the American Geographical Society’s monthly map contest and won first place for November, 2017.

Made with QGIS and Adobe Illustrator with OpenStreetMap data.